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  • PORSCHE CAYMAN (718) 2.0L 16V TURBO 220kW/295HP CONTINENTAL SDI21.X 982906026E W21P0020ROD27 3664

    • Original power in KW: 220
    • Original power in PS: 299
    • ECU model: SDI21.X
    • Hardware number: 982906026E
    • Software number: W21P0020ROD27
    • Software update version: 3664

    Services available

    • Updated version of the firmware with improved engine efficiency in terms of power and consumption

    • Updated version of the firmware that resolves issues relating to the lambda probe that controls the catalytic converter.
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    Tools avalable for chip tuning

    NEW GENIUS is compatible
    From 1,490.00 EUR
    In stock
    NEW TRASDATA is compatible
    From 1,190.00 EUR
    In stock
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