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  • Tuning file IAW7GFHW400 T205JE30

    Available for FIAT PUNTO GRANDE (199) 1.6L 16V 86kW/115HP IAW7GF

    • Original power in KW: 86.00000
    • Original power in PS: 117
    • Year: 2011
    • ECU brand: MARELLI
    • ECU model: 7GF
    • Hardware number: IAW7GFHW400
    • Software number: T205JE30
    • Spare part number: 55246010
    OBD location: OBD located under the steering column, above the pedals. Visible or hidden by a plastic lid.

      • Versione aggiornata del firmware con migliore efficienza del motore in termini di potenza e consumi
        List of tables found in this firmware, the file you will receive will have changes in some of them, but not all, the most important ones:
        • Anticipo parzializzato
        • Limite di potenza media effettiva
        • Limite di coppia media effettiva
        • Profilo di coppia massima
        • Limite di coppia potenza
        • Coppia resistente
        • Limitatore di coppia in funzione del sensore ECT
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    Tools available for chip tuning

    NEW GENIUS is compatible
    From 1,490.00 EUR
    In stock
    NEW TRASDATA is compatible
    From 1,190.00 EUR
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    Product Price Torque Increment Power Increment
    KAFRB50200 229.00 EUR +0 % +0 %
    KAFR50200 199.00 EUR +0 % +0 %
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