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  • CASE IH PUMA CVX/CVX EP 210 6.7L 157kW/211HP EDC16C39 P400V41 itocdn0b.cmb

    • Original power in KW: 157.00000
    • Original power in PS: 213
    • Injection type: Common Rail
    • ECU brand: BOSCH
    • ECU model: EDC16C39
    • Software number: 1037378088
    • Software update version: P400V41 itocdn0b.cmb

      • Versione aggiornata del firmware con migliore efficienza del motore in termini di potenza e consumi
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    Tools available for chip tuning

    NEW GENIUS is compatible
    From 1,490.00 EUR
    In stock
    NEW TRASDATA is compatible
    From 1,190.00 EUR
    In stock
    Product Price Torque Increment Power Increment
    KTLPT2500 460.00 EUR +25 % +31 KW
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