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    What is the egr valve?

    The egr valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve) has been introduced in vehicles as a system to reduce the exhaust emissions. The operation consists of taking a quantity of the exhaust gas already burnt and re-introduce it in the intake manifold to be burned again so as to reduce pollution. From the theoretical point this system is a great innovation and excellent results are obtained, also the temperatures of the exhaust gases are reduced, of course, this system works well on a laboratory motor which must not travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers and is subject to a careful maintenance.

    What problems leads the egr valve over time?

    In the long run the gases reintroduced by the valve cause the formation of dirt and oil-carbon residues along the entire circuit which connects the discharge valve to the intake manifold, where inside there are pressure sensors which are often damaged by the presence of this substance that should not be there. The defects that occur on vehicles with problems egr valve may be the presence of exhaust smoke, loss of power, an irregular acceleration and engine light on.

    Also this valve is responsible for the break of the turbine and early aging of the engine, as it is the only component that gives the possibility to the engine works in dirt, because it allows to reuse the exhaust gas instead of fresh air. Disabling the operation of the egr valve motor would not have any kind of problems related to the formation of incrustations in the intake manifold and the turbo compressor. We believe the egr is the main cause of breakdown of vehicles with the diesel particulate filter.

    Valvola EGR

    I have problems with the egr valve, it is better to replace or disable it?

    Replace the egr valve with a new one is less convenient of exclusion by the control unit, the cost of a new egr parts and manpower outweigh the exclusion of the EGR system using electronics. Finally with a new valve the defect may occur again in the future, instead with the removal by mapping the problem is solved at the root, so that never more recur in the future. The exclusion of the egr valve is illegal on vehicles approved for road use.


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