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  • Firmware update (level 1)


    The chiptuning stage 1 consists of modifying the engine management parameters resulting in a perfectly balanced vehicle from the point of view of performance, fuel consumption and mechanical reliability of the engine.

    Improvements are mainly achieved for these reasons:

    • The car manufacturers develop and certify the production of a single engine that will be marketed on vehicles with different powers, in this way they reduce the company costs and intervene on the modification of the software to create low-powered engines for the same vehicle.
    • Car manufacturers develop software that does not exploit the maximum engine power because the vehicle that will host it will be marketed in many countries that stand out for their climate, type of roads, style driving time, the driver's age and the maximum exhaust pollution limit expected in that country.

    With the chiptuning stage 1 no mechanical changes must be made to the vehicle and maintenance must be carried out at the same intervals declared by the manufacturer.

    The benefits of this change are always obtained on any vehicle, but the supercharged vehicles achieve more satisfactory results than "aspirated" vehicles.

    What is the CHIPTUNING?

    1) The verification of the existence of a motorization compatible with that of the client but with a higher power. In this case it is possible to copy its engine management tables and then reach its power, taking advantage of the official and certified parameters of the manufacturer

    2) The optimization of engine management parameters including: engine torque, ignition advances, injection advances, injection time, turbo pressure, overboost times, lambda values to be achieved and protection of components, etc...

    The result will be a brilliant and responsive engine already from low revolutions, with a full and linear delivery up to the maximum engine rpm.


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