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Registration of a new user:

The user who registers the first time on ETP must pay registration fee mandatory two euro.

The registration fee lasts forever, except in cases where it is not banned for wrong behavior.

After registration, the user can create new topics and reply to existing ones.

You can not download files from forum and section Download.

You can not use private messages to contact other users, but only write publicly on the forum.



After registration, how much full access to download the files?

There are two subscriptions:



Difference between minimum and full subscription:

Both subscriptions trigger the use of private messages to other users of the forum (after 100 messages on the forum).

Both subscriptions allow unlimited downloading files from forum.

Both subscriptions allow you to download files from the Download section, but with different daily limits:

  • The minimum subscription lets you download only one file per day from the Download section.

  • The full subscription It lets you download max five files per day from the Download section.



Subscriptions duration and discounts:

Subscriptions can be purchased for three months, six months or twelve months.

Subscriptions will start on the day when the payment is made through credit card, for the life choice that starts from this day.

After payment portal award it automatically and instantly, the rights to the type of subscription purchased.

By purchasing a subscription for six months you get a month free.

By purchasing a subscription for twelve months you get two months free.



I purchased the minimum subscription, can I migrate to the full?

To go to the full minimum is required contact us.


I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?

ETP Solutions GmbH provides access to the portal reserved functions that can be displayed, examined and evaluated by the user prior to purchasing a monthly subscription, then the user has no right to any kind of refund.




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